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Tandem flights

You always wanted to fulfil yourselve the mankinds oldest dream? To fly like a bird and enjoy the unique feeling of freedom and looking at mother earth from high above. Our profissional pilots welcome you on board for an experience without stress. As the passenger you sit in a comfortable harness, enjoying your flight while your pilot takes care of the rest. We offer flight in all major paragliding sites. 

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Training camps

We offer training camps for every pilot level.  Your coaches are former and current pilots of the German National Team. We arrange camps for xc newcomers up to competition level pilots. We also give you the chance to improve your skills in company teams in close co-operation with UP, SWING and Gradient.

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Event & competition management

We are specialized in concept development for events & competitions in paragliding and any other outdoor sports. We have 13 years experience and know-how within all ranges - we stand for authority and quality. From planning to execution, everything out of one hand

Contact - fon.: + 49 / 8022 75256 or + 49 / 171 35 43 772
Mail: Sportmanagement Mast