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World Campionship 2009

New ways and traning methods

Stefan Mast goes "On-Air"

Over a period of 13 years Stefan Mast -"fought" at the tip of the German Paragliding Nation as the National Team Leader and National Coach. His competition pilots called him respectfully the “silver neck” of the German paraglider scene. Stefan Mast and his team travelled around the world from one competition to the next. After a unique successful era » with the German Paragliding Federation the "success garantor" now goes its own way.

Stefan Mast offers and organizes training camps for all groups of pilots and of course he will continue his work within the competition field. He will plan and organize events and competitions on an international level. "We are convinced to hit a fast growing market with our training camps". As former national team pilot, with its 13 of year experience as Team leader and coach of the German National Team he has a solid know-how you can´t find in any technical literature. Together with the pilots of the National Team he will continue to promote and work for the sport. With new ways and training methods Stefan Mast and his crew will encourage pilots safety and the fun for their sport.

Birds eye view

You always wanted to fulfil yourselve the mankinds oldest dream? To fly like a bird and enjoy the unique feeling of freedom and looking at mother earth from high above. Our profissional pilots welcome you on board for an experience without stress. As the passenger you sit in a comfortable harness, enjoying your flight while your pilot takes care of the rest. We offer flight in all major paragliding sites. 

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Knife Homepage

It was early spring 2008, when I built my first handmade custom knife. The blade was made of Damascus steel, for the scales I used mammoth ivory. Knife making became my passion right away and is also the motivation to set up a new homepage for my hand made knives and sheaths » knife homepage

Never change a winning team

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Turning 49, Stefan Mast looks for a new challenge. Together with his long time companions from the successful National Team, Achim Joos alias Big Bird, Oliver Rössel, Torsten Siegel, Robert Bernat and Ewa Wisnierska alias Birdy – they follow there legendary slogan "never change a winning team”. the team »